You've dedicated the last few years to creating your latest album, you've shot the videos, pitched to playlists, hired a publicist and your tour is booked. But you’re still not getting the results you wanted.
Connecting musicians to their audience is our greatest passion. Your fans are waiting for you and they are only a click away.

Remember when you plugged an item into a search engine and then the internet showed you that item (and similar items) for days? We can do that with your music. You don’t have to roll the dice in hopes that your publicist will land you a premiere on the hottest blog or that you’ll be added to a tastemaker’s playlist.

David Schellenberg (He/Him)
David @
I started booking DIY shows for independent touring bands when I was a teenager. I fell in love with the feeling of watching bands make fans. That feeling would end up guiding the rest of my decade-long career in the music industry. I’ve been on both sides, by the age of 22 I became a co-owner, booker and promoter of my very own venue and had also toured all over the world playing in a bunch of bands. I became obsessed with boosting content on social media, I would boost events and watch the attending numbers rise, I would boost ticket links paired with a live video and watch the tickets disappear. I even started experimenting with my own band by boosting our videos and creating a loyal fanbase online who engaged in everything we did. Now, I want to do this for you, I want you to be heard.
Jen Doerksen (They/Them)
Jen @
I'm a music marketer and artist manager. I come from a background in communications and I co-own a videography production company called BNB Studios that specializes in live performance videos for musicians with my partner Buio Assis. Previously, I worked at Birthday Cake Records as the marketing manager, and now I'm moving into artist management and continuing to offer label and marketing services via Signal Noise Music Marketing. I am driven by an endless curiosity in people that leads them to love music, art, and relationships. I want to help artists develop meaningful relationships with fans that improve quality of life for everyone involved!
Spotify Growth
Want to grow your followers, generate listens and make actual fans? Did you know you have a Spotify ranking? Want to know how much it costs to generate a follower? We're not talking about vanity streams or passive playlist listeners, we're talking about making real lifelong fans here.
Artist Discovery Campaign
The bread and butter of our digital marketing strategy. Through video ads we’ll be able to carve out your ideal demographic, grow your social media accounts, help you make new fans and start generating data that you can use forever. This is the perfect place to start.
TikTok Ads
TikTok users make a habit of leaving the app to support the people they meet through the app and they're always scrolling with sound-on! It's the perfect combination for making new fans. Artists break on TikTok because music fans are on TikTok, and we can reach them strategically with the right ad campaigns.
Email Marketing
Do you have a mailing list? Do you use it? How often? Probably not often enough and probably not for the right reasons. Why wouldn’t you want a way to talk to your most diehard fans without the distractions of social media? Email marketing is a must.
Ad Buying
Navigating the ever changing world of social media is exhausting. You’ve spent all this time making the music, don't waste your money on bad ads. With over hundred of thousand dollars of social media ad buying experience we will be able to help your campaign reach its goals.
Social Media Examination
You need to make sure your social media accounts are well oiled machines to help your potential fans learn everything about you. We can advise and customize your social accounts and help you use the best digital tools to have your social media accounts fully optimized.
* Please note that the prices provided are fees only and do not include the ad spend amount. For example a typical Artist Discovery Campaign ad spend is around $400.

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